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Book 3

  1. Gavotte by Martini (Flash)
  2. Minuet by Bach (Flash)
  3. Gavotte in G Minor by Bach (Flash)
  4. Humoresque by Dvorak (Flash)
  5. Gavotte by Becker (Flash)
  6. Gavotte in D Major by Bach (Flash)
  7. Bouree by Bach (Flash)

Book 4

  1. Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement by Seitz (Flash)
  2. Concerto No. 5, 1st Movement by Seitz (Flash)
  3. Concerto No. 5, 3rd Movement by Seitz (Flash)
  4. Lullaby by Schubert (Flash)
  5. Lullaby by Brahms (Flash)
  6. Concerto in A minor, 1st movement by Vivaldi (Flash)
  7. Concerto in A Minor, 3rd Movement by Vivaldi (Flash)
  8. Concerto for Two Violins (Flash)
    by J.S. Bach, Violin II





Jonathan Dubay performs violin pieces from Suzuki Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Robin Dubay performs pieces from Suzuki Volume 1. Click on a title below to watch the video. If you have trouble with the video format, try the alternate "(Flash)" or "(Alternate)" version instead. Please note that these videos are for our current students only and may not be copied or distributed.

Book 1

  1. Twinkle by Mozart
    Variation A (Flash)
    Variation B (Flash)
    Variation C (Flash)
    Variation D (Flash)
    Variation E (Flash)
    Theme (Flash)
    All variations and Theme (Flash)
  2. Lightly Row (Flash)
  3. Song of the Wind (Flash)
  4. Go Tell Aunte Rhody (Flash)
  5. O Come, Little Children (Flash)
  6. May Song (Flash)
  7. Long, Long Ago by T. H. Bayly (Flash)
  8. Allegro by Shinichi Suzuki (Flash)
  9. Perpetual Motion by S. Suzuki (Flash)
  10. Allegretto by S. Suzuki (Flash)
  11. Andantino by S. Suzuki (Flash)
  12. Etude by S. Suzuki (Flash)
  13. Minuet I by J. S. Bach (Flash)
  14. Minuet II by J. S. Bach (Flash)
  15. Minuet III by J. S. Bach (Flash)
  16. The Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann
  17. Gavotte by F. J. Gosec (Flash)

Book 2

  1. Chorus from "Judas Maccabeus" by Handel (Flash)
  2. Musette by Bach (Flash)
  3. Hunters' Chorus by von Weber (Flash)
  4. Long, Long Ago by Bayly (Flash)
  5. Waltz by Brahms (Flash)
  6. Bouree by Handel (Flash)
  7. The Two Grenadiers by Schumann (Flash)
  8. Theme from "Witches' Dance" by Paganini (Flash)
  9. Gavotte from "Mignon" by Thomas (Flash)
  10. Gavotte by Lully (Flash)
  11. Minuet in G by Beethoven (Flash)
  12. Minuet by Boccherini (Flash)

Book 6

    1. La Folia by Corelli (Alternate) (Flash)
    2. Sonata in F by Handel
        Adagio (Alternate) (Flash)
        Allegro (Alternate) (Flash)
        Largo (Alternate) (Flash)
    3. Allegro by Fiocco (Alternate) (Flash)
    4. Gavotte by Rameau (Alternate) (Flash)
    5. Sonata in D by G. F. Handel
        Affetuoso (Alternate) (Flash)
        Allegro (Alternate) (Flash)
        Larghetto (Flash)
        Allegro (Flash)


Book 5

1. Gavotte by J.S. Bach (Flash)
2. Largo by A. Vivaldi (Flash)
3. Concerto in G minor by A. Vivaldi
    Allegro (Flash)
    Allegro (Flash)
4. Country Dance by C. M. Weber     (Flash)
5. German Dance (Flash)
6. Gigue from Sonata in D minor by     F.M. Veracini
     Allegro Vivace (Flash)
7. Concerto for Two Violins (Flash)
    by J.S. Bach, Violin I
7. Concerto for two Violins composite
    (Flash) by J.S. Bach