We're here to help you play!




What to bring to your lessons...

Your violin and bow in the best working order
Rosin, extra strings
A pencil with eraser
Lesson notebook
All your current sheet music
Trimmed finger nails
Audio recording device, if you choose
A positive outlook
Your best focus

What not to bring...

Cold, flu, fever, bad cough, etc.
Jewelry that interferes with violin playing
(necklace, large earrings, bracelets, rings)
Unusually large, stiff or heavy clothing
Cell phone (at least turn it off)

To get the most out of your lessons...

Get a good night's sleep
Drink water and have a snack before
Use the restroom before
Have questions for your teacher in mind or written down
Warm up or practice that day
Do the regular daily practice in the amount that you
have discussed with your teacher

To get the most out of your practice...

Set aside a regular time and stick to it
Review your practice goals each day before you pick up the violin
Set emotional and mental distractions aside
Have ready everything you'll need before you begin
Do gentle stretching before and after practice
Take a short break every twenty minutes
Stay engaged by making your practice interesting
Have a checklist of action items
Reward yourself for your good work