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Recital FAQs

What is a recital?

A recital is a chance for you to perform for an audience in a formal concert setting. Recitals are important for at least three reasons. First, they give you a goal to work toward. Second, they provide an opportunity to show what you can do. Third, they help you learn how to perform--there is no other way to learn how to perform than by actually doing it. Our recitals are usually about an hour long, during which time each student who is ready gets a chance to perform one piece or a pair of contrasting short pieces with accompaniment (either piano or violin, whichever is more appropriate).

Are there any recital fees?

We ask everyone who performs to contribute toward the hall rental and accompanist’s fee (usually $20), which includes one rehearsal with the accompanist. Extra rehearsals with the accompanist will be at the student's expense.

What is a play-through class?

We have found that having an opportunity for our students to play for each other before a recital greatly improves the experience. It is just like the recital, except that only students are invited to these performance--no parents or other guests.

How can I get ready for my recital?

Aside from following your teacher's advice about practicing your recital piece carefully and regularly, you can work on building your confidence on your piece.

Positive visualization is very important. When you are thinking about the performance ahead, during your practice or at other times, use mental images that you like: you can imagine yourself on the beach, for example, playing the violin just the way you want.

When it comes to learning how to perform, there is no substitute for performing. Build up to the recital by doing smaller "concerts." First, set a day and time to play a run-through in your practice room. Second, set up some stuffed animals or other inanimate objects to perform for. Third, invite one or two friends or family members to hear you play, then ask them for their constructive criticism.

How should I dress for the recital?

Please wear nice, clean clothes that you feel you look good in--no sneakers, tee-shirts or jeans. Take time to have your hair look nice, too (those with long hair should tie it back away from the face). If you feel you look great, you'll play with more confidence. By the way, the "dress rehearsal" is casual--you don't need to dress up for that.

Do I need to listen to the other students play?

Plan on hearing as much of the recital as you can. We'll give you the opportunity to warm-up so you feel that you're ready to play.

Can I bring guests?

For our recitals at a normal concert venue, please invite anyone you wish. For recitals in our home or small venues, please check with us about the number of guests you would like to bring.

It is important to tell your family and guests: during the music, no flash photographs and please remain seated.